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aircom’s Functions

aircom properties
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aircom Installation on water meter
aircom Installation on gas meter

aircom Pulse Technical Specifications

• LF (Low Frequency) and HF (High Frequency) outputs are available.

• Compatible with all Itron water and gas meters with 120 ° metal Target.
• Reverse flow detection feature.
• Magnetic interference is not possible since it is not affected by an external magnet.
• Inductive detection method is used.
• Can work in wet and humid ambient conditions.
• It is not affected by vibration.
• The K factor can be programmed as 1, 10, 100 in production and it generates the LF signal according to the formula LF = HF x K.
• The HF signal always generates a signal with a K factor of 1.
• Cable cut is detected.
• The mounting screw is sealed with a plastic seal cap.

aircom Pulse Sensor
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