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aircom GPRS meant to be attached to water and gas meters equipped with an Itron® Cyble target.
GPRS technology, General Packet Radio Service, provides the basic GSM upgrade technology used to provide packet data at up to 172 kbps.
The use of GSM, GPRS and Internet is a promising and emerging approach in the design of metering applications involving remote data access. Such applications cover wide areas that involve utilities and customer services etc. Successful use of GPRS, available over the GSM network, can be found in many M2M applications. 
GPRS technology brings a number of benefits for users and network operators alike over the basic GSM system. It was widely deployed to provide realistic data capability via cellular telecommunications technology.
Simchip is also available, sim chip is used in Aircom which has longer product life time and is more suitable for tough field conditions. This work is carried out on the platform of M2M.

aircom GPRS

$60.00 Regular Price
$51.00Sale Price
  • Price is not including GPRS Sim Chip for aircom, you must send to us after placing the order GPRS Sim Chip equal to the total quantity of your order of aircom GPRS.

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