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aircom LoRa meant to be attached to water and gas meters equipped with an Itron® Cyble target.


LoRa RF modulation and LoraWAN protocol is used for WAN communication.LoRa is the physical layer or the wireless modulation utilized to create the long range communication link. LoRaWAN defi nes the communication protocol and system architecture for the network while the LoRa physical layer enables the long-range communication link. The protocol and network architecture have the most infl uence in determining the battery lifetime of a node, the network capacity, the quality of service, the security, and the variety of applications served by the network. LoRaWAN provides Adaptive
Data Rate (ADR) method can accommodate changes in the network infrastructure and support varying path loss. To maximize both battery life of end devices and overall network capacity, the LoRa network infrastructure manages the data rate and RF output for each enddevice individually by implementing ADR.

aircom LoRa

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  • *Itron® is a registered trademark of Itron, Inc.

  • *Lifetime depends on device location and reporting interval.

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